Innovation Ambition Matrix

Black Tech Street’s Innovation Ambition Matrix is the framework we use to focus our work. Popularized by an article in Harvard Business Review, the Innovation Ambition Matrix is a proven mechanism for systematizing innovation and maximizing return of investment. Organizations that utilize this matrix outperform organizations that don’t by a 10-20% margin. The Matrix organizes investments/efforts into Core, Adjacent, and Transformational.

Black Tech Street’s Innovation Ambition Matrix is built around the following tech verticals (in these specific ratios) that encompass the entirety of our efforts:







BTS chose these three verticals based on their massive scalability due to their universal penetration with other tech verticals, the compatibility with Tulsa’s economic assets, and the critical role they will play in the global economy of the 21st century.

By focusing our organizations economic development and partnership efforts in these three emerging technology areas, Black Tech Street will be able to not only facilitate Black Wall Street’s rebirth, but ensure that it is globally competitive and at the forefront of technological innovation in the 21st century.

Managing Your Innovation Portfolio

What’s Next? Black Wall Street’s Innovation Ambitions


As critical as security is in conventional affairs, Cybersecurity will be exponentially more critical in a globalized economy with services built on data and technological infrastructure. Every tech vertical will require cybersecurity.The cross cutting and high growth nature of Cybersecurity (along with the national security risk posed by Black Americans overwhelming vulnerability to Cyber crimes) makes it a perfect vertical to anchor Black Wall Street’s rebirth in.

Black Tech Street is working to establish 21st century Greenwood as a hub of Black Cyber talent and innovation that also leads the national narrative in mobilizing Black people in Cyber. Our partnership with Microsoft anchors our Cyber work as the Core innovation ambition of Black Tech Street’s Innovation Ambition Matrix.


  • Goals Establishing measurable employment goals for Black Tulsans in Cyber by 2030.
  • Implementing a holistic education-to-employment pathway for Cyber certifications and advanced degrees.
  • Partnering with Fortune 100 corporations to hire Black Cyber talent from Tulsa.
  • Creating a Cyber Center of Excellence in Greenwood. Partnering with Black-focused cybersecurity professional organizations to host an annual cybersecurity conference in Greenwood. 
  • MSFT Digital Transformation of BWS to BTS (coming soon)
  • Black Tech Street Cyber Summit (Coming 2024)


The Digital Transformation of Black Wall Street to Black Tech Street "The Digital transformation of Black Wall Street to Black Tech Street is comprehensive partnership between Microsoft and Greenwood to enhance the capacity of the Tulsa ecosystem as it relates to producing and attracting Black tech talent, with an initial emphasis on Cyber. The first major milestone of this initiative will be getting 865 Black Tulsans in tech jobs by the year 2030 (emphasizing Cyber). This number was chosen as it would bring the percentage of Black tech workforce in Tulsa up to par with the national Black population. While initially anchoring jobs, this effort will ultimately encompass Skilling/Workforce, Entrepreneurship/Innovation and Academia as the three key components for building an industry.” 

The Black Tech Street Cyber Summit
“The Black Tech Street Cyber Summit is a convening of some of the top Cyber professionals and innovators from across the country in Tulsa. Black Tech Street intends to convene and lead the national conversation and narrative around the need, opportunity and best proactive for mobilizing Black Americans into the Cyber industry en mass. The first annual summit is scheduled for February of 2024.”

These three points not only present the perfect wealth-building solution to the projected Black Wealth Crisis of 2053, they present a new horizon for the Black Wall Street vision. So, we surmised that, had Black Wall Street been supported and not destroyed, it would be nothing other than America’s premiere Black Innovation Economy.