Black Tech Street 

The Pledge

In 2020, following the death of George Floyd, and the amplified calls for racial justice across the country, corporations and institutions committed to do their part in identifying and eliminating systemic racism in their businesses and our country. Black Tech Street represents a significant movement toward racial healing by building a Black Innovation Economy at the site of one of the nation’s most heinous race massacres in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Below, we invite you to transform your commitments to racial equity into meaningful action. Your support can help build Black Tech Street as a premier Black Innovation Economy, and lead the path toward racial equity in our economies, our businesses, and our communities.

Black Tech Street looks forward to working with your organization to explore how you can best support the development of Tulsa’s Black Tech Street through meaningful investments that will create systemic change in the fight to achieve racial equity.

  1. We believe in addressing the root causes of racism and racial inequities in our communities and economies.
  2. We pledge to support the Black Tech Street initiative and help dismantle racial inequities by:

Workforce- Hire and help develop Black tech talent in Tulsa. Specifically, we are interested in:

  • IncentivizeanyBlackorAfricanAmericanworkersinyourcompanywiththeabilitytowork remotely to do so from Tulsa. See Tulsa Remote.
  • Commit to hiring anywhere from 10-100 Black people to work remotely from Tulsa over the next 10 years.
  • Support the development of a black tech talent pipeline by opening experiential opportunities designed for our emerging black tech workforce, and investing in educational opportunities for aspiring black tech workers and entrepreneurs.

Capital- Invest in/make capital available for Black entrepreneurs in Tulsa. Specifically, we are interested in:

  • Invest directly in Tulsa’s black tech entrepreneurs, or support the design of and invest in a blended finance fund that removes the racial bias from current financial mechanisms.
  • Donate, fund, or invest in the development of inclusive spaces, equipment, connectivity and other infrastructure for Black entrepreneurs.
  • Invest in the Black Tech Street team and our ability to recruit, align and coordinate stakeholders across Tulsa, provide direct support where needed and raise the capacity ofTulsa’s entire tech ecosystem.

Narrative- Providing platforms to share and elevate the work of Black Tech Street entrepreneurs.Specifically, we are interested in:

  • Help elevate our entrepreneurs and endorse the emergence of Tulsa’s Black Tech Ecosystem as the new hub of Black economic development.
  • Engage with Black Tech Street in the process of discovering and partnering with high-impact organizations that can help further the mission of Black Tech Street.

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