Black Tech Street 

Open Creative Brief:
A New Symbol for Tulsa

Black Tulsa Artists are invited to submit artwork to symbolize the next 100 years of Tulsa.

The  “Lady of Innovation and Arts” is the 21st century iteration of Tulsa’s “Goddess of Oil” but this time she will be a Black Woman with natural hair, on a background that heralds Tulsa’s new age of technological innovation and artistic creativity. As we mark the Centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre, our city needs to rally around a new symbol that shows that the next100 years will stand in direct contrast to the last 100 years. 

Arts and Technology is Tulsa’s new oil and its herald is a Black woman bearing the gifts of innovation and creativity. The past century of Tulsa has been marked by the white oilman pulling his wealth from the ground. The next 100 years is represented by a woman of color using  her brilliance and creativity to push Tulsa to a level of prosperity it thought would never come again. This image will kick off a campaign to proclaim a new symbol of Tulsa for the next 100 years.


Black Tech Street seeks Black Tulsa artists or teams that include Black artists to create an artistic expression of the Lady of Arts and Innovation as explained in the Open Call. 

Submission Guidelines: 

  • Art submissions must be submitted as a pdf.
  • By responding to this call for art, you are agreeing to submit the source file upon request.  PDFs over 10MB cannot be accepted at this time.
  • The submission must include the artist's name, title of the work, description of the work in 500 characters (explaining how the art  reflects Tulsa’s future in  arts and technology)
  • For teams, please designate one point person for submission.
Submit Artwork

Selection Process:

Artists will be selected based on the following guidelines: 

  • Approval and acceptance by a committee of community members that represent Tulsa 
  • Receipt of application. 
  • Representation – The extent to which the art submitted symbolizes the new image of Tulsa
  • Historical – The extent to which the art has historical value
  • Impact – Whether and how much impact the art has emotionally; is it inspirational; does it have intellectual impact?
  • Creativity – Is the design visionary and innovative?

Artwork depicting political propaganda, self-harm, racism, and profanity will not be accepted. The selection committee shall retain the rights to determine what is acceptable to represent the City of Tulsa for the next 100 years.


June 19th, 2021: Call for Artists Announced 

August 14th 2021: Submission Deadline:  Call for Artists closes

August 14- September 4th 2021: First Round of Judging 

September: Top 10 Finalists Announced 

September: Second Round of Judging 

Fall: New Symbol of Tulsa Announced 


Artist agrees to the perpetual non-exclusive license of all rights (including, but not limited to, the right to display, modify, transmit, transfer, sell, and create derivative works) to the Submitted Work to Black Tech Street, excluding only the right to authorship credit, which is retained by Artist.

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